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Part 2 Relationship Conference: Chapter 11, May 25, 2014

This conference is about to go very steep.
This message has to reach key world changers on the ground.
Now I depend on you that this message reach them.
I have shown you the Church System.
I have shown you the dangers of this system.
Everyone is looking for the Mark of the Beast from outside the church.
I want to say this without a shadow of doubt that the Mark of the Beast is with us in the church.
What is the Mark of the Beast?
It is a mark in your hand and in your head.
The mark is a number 666. This number is Man Man Man.
Without this mark you don't eat and you don't trade.
This means that Relationship is replaced by this number.
I know many of these churches; where you will not be considered unless you are their member.
Their church name has become the mark of the Beast.
People go to them to get a miracle for money and be able to buy food.
Their miracles have become the mark in the hand and head.
Their church names have become a mark in the hand and head.
It is in the head because they are indoctrinated to become zoombies of this church.
Even when you come and say I am a child of God from this so and so church they will NEVER RELATE WITH YOU.
These souls have lost the substance that relate with others.
They will only relate when you carry the mark of their church.
This is a New Church System of the last days.
It is more ruthless than politics and business.
No wonder all commercial crimes are practiced better through churches than any other place.
This is the Virus that has come to kill Africa today.
All Virus can multiply but it is not fruitful.
Members rise in this church and so is crime in their community.
They give you insurance package that declares that others will experience crime but you as THEIR CHURCH MEMBER will not see crime!
No one has the burdern to see crime eradicated in the community.
In fact they rejoice when crime rises in the community because it is the only tool they will use to testify that this crime does not touch THEIR MEMBERS.
I have been watching this system long enough to understand its evil.
Even your family members will tell you these things but you will say they are jealous.
Non believers see that there is something wrong but you keep covering for this activity.
The Beast is in your midst!
This is not a Father Spirit!
A spirit that rejoices that others died and you are alive! Not because you are with Jesus but because you are in this church!
I say this church is a Virus because they don't trust what you are doing in any other church if it is not theirs.
I told you that things are about to change!
Its either you continue supporting this New Church System or you go back home.
Now we do not deny the reality of the power they have.
But even in a normal community we know there is a GP and when your issue needs a specialist he will refer you to the specialist.
If your situation needs a Gynaecologist you shall be referred there BUT YOU DO NOT STAY THERE FOREVER.
If your issue needs a Dentist you are referred there AND RETURN TO YOUR GP!
How do you turn a Dentist into your family doctor?
Now if there is a specialist of Deliverance in your community must you go stay there?
Will you need Deliverance all the time?
Now if you understand that Doctors have Code of Practice what about in the Kingdom of God?
Why must you allow to be lied to by these Specialists when you have your GP?
Now this is Chapter 11 which I am about to finish here.
You need to see yourselves in the light of all what is happening.
You also need to weigh your sonship in the light of all these things.
You need to ask yourself if you will be part of the change or do you want to continue with this Church System.
This message is a wake up call to those who might be embracing the System of the Beast without knowing.
When you learn sonship embracing this system you will find it difficult to relate.
Sonship is the only cure to restore healthy relationships in a community.
I trust you will take these tips to your heart.


Part 2, Relationship Conference: Chapter 10, May 25, 2014

I want to begin our lesson with the encyclopedia definition of virus.
"A virus is a microscopic organism that can replicate only inside the cells of a host .... Complex structures: More complex viral structures may have a capsid that is ... termed maturation) happens once the virus has escaped out of the host cell."
A virus is a life that can only replicate inside of a cell host.
Imagine the cell host as your body.
It is life! But has come to destroy relationships of a body structure.
Now an anointed Giant Man comes into a living Host which is the body.
This is the Body of Christ in one community.
His anointing was given to go and bring life from dead places.
He was supposed to go to a place where there is no belief in God and begin life.
But he comes to an existing life body which has been developed by other pastors for many years.
He comes with this big anointing not to help the pastors for the work they have been doing all these years.
Instead he chooses a position of a virus in the Body of Christ in this township.
He first come as visitor as though he is coming to help a church.
This becomes the host or the springboard for his launch.
He then bullies everyone around with demands that cannot be met by his host.
Instead of building he now begins to suck the blood of this poor church.
Now if the pastor does not jump out he makes a breakaway church.
He first begin with the worship group of this church and choose the best musicians.
Then all the best singers of other churches come and join him.
Soon the word spreads in the township that a great man of God has arrived.
Now what was meant to be a life giver to the Body of Christ in this township becomes a virus eating all faithful relationships that have been developed for years in this township.
The wife moves from her church and leave the husband to go and support the Giant Man.
Many divorces in the Christian community in Africa have begun this way.
The children of a pastor leave his church and go join the Giant Man.
Now the virus grows by eating up all churches in this community.
There might be a big anointing in the community but Trust is broken.
The Giant Man blames all the churches for playing with people and there is "no fire" in their churches.
He comes remove sons from Fathers and introduce them to Fire.
Now these are those who pray "Our Fire who art in Heaven".

Even the Churches Forum of this township is destroyed.
Young pastors move away from their mentors and join the church of the Giant Man because they also want this anointing.
Now in the midst of this great anointing there is a foundation of betrayal.
All girls move to this big ministry with their mothers.
Young men are forced to join this church because if they don't they will lose their girls to the boys of this church.
Then a large swarm of unfaithfuls come to worship in this church.
Soon the pregnancies grow in this church and divorces show up in the midst of the anointing.
The reason is they are under an unfaithful untrustworthy orphan who ran from his father as soon as he saw that he has the fire power.
Africa is full of these clowns and they ravage all communities breaking trust and breaking relationship.
To me I have never seen a drug dealer that is able to break so many hearts of a township in one weekend of the so called revival.
Now be sure that Sonship and Relationships come difficult in the seed of these churches.
They can't build a school or a clinic in that community instead they ship out all the money to the place where they came from.
This kind of floor crossing has never been seen even in politics.
No businesses have ever betrayed each other like these clowns.
I tell you this is the Mark of the Beast in person.
No wonder marriages in these churches can hardly be healed.
I have seen many who come to me from these churches struggling with sonship.
Now when this Virus has finished sucking this community he therefore brings the best speakers to town.
He then brings sonship teachings as well.
All new sermons come from this church.
Now that he is stable he establishes himself as a father of this community.
I really have no mercy for this kind of Hollywood stars.
This is the reason the Apostolic Community has been released in these last days.
Now many of you struggle in sonship because you carry the cover of these Giant Men.
Everyone wants to shine so as to be closer to these heroes who never fathered.
How do you suppose a person can be a father to 12 000 sons and attend to everyone of them?
The Apostles have come to correct this mess.
It is not easy for them; for they have to penetrate the same structures.
Therefore do not expect a perfect place after all this damage.
I had to bring it out raw as it is to you so that your foundations in your mind will begin to communicate the Heart of Father God and begin to work towards restoring the Body of Christ in your community.
Do not be mistaken; the Body of Christ is perfect and Healthy.
But all these people who have joined the Virus have to be returned to a relational life.


Session 9 Relationship Conference
24 May 2014

We are exploring relationship of the Trinity as in the Father and Son sharing the same Spirit.
We can't help but notice this relationship displayed in the midst of the greatest power displayed in creation.
It is amazing how many relationships are lost in the midst of power.
Power struggles are destroying many relationships.
When people suddenly have the access to Let There Be power they fail to return to the Let Us code.
Father God displayed the greatest of all power during creation and He still returned to say "Let Us"
I have seen couples when one have a simple R5000 ($500) increase then its difficult to come back to the "Let Us" Altar with the partner.
I have seen people campaigning in politics with a "Let Us" manifesto but when we vote for them and they now carry a bigger "Let There Be" they are no longer able to come to the "Let Us" Altar.
The "Let Us" Power is for Sons.
I will explain that later.
Africa today is failing because the are incapable to have a "Let Us" Power.
Countries that are able to use the "Let Us" Power rule the world.
The one nation that has used the Let Us Power more than any nation in the world is the Jews. No wonder they rule the world.
When God created the world He said "Let There Be"
This is one Power you can use alone.
But when we were about to show up He used the "Let Us" Power.
We are the product of a "Let Us" Power.
There is nowhere mentioned that when He made Angels He used the "Let Us" Power.
There are many instances in the Bible that prove that Angels were created from the "Let There Be" Power.
We will go to that later in the course.
For now it is important for you to know that you are made from the "Let Us" Power and the Angels are made from the "Let There Be" Power.
The "Let Us" Power is a Relationship Power.
Let Man come from Our Relationship.
He did not say "Let the Angels come from our Relationship".
If you start this conference from this chapter it may be very confusing.
If you have not revised the previous Chapters it will be more confusing.
I am laying the ground to define what is a Relationship.
The Relationship is the "Let Us" Power.
We need to have a Revelation of the "Let Us" Power.
Sonship is therefore the "Let Us" Power.
Sonship is Relationship.
Now many who fail in Sonship have failed in Relationship.
The Orphan spirit is a spirit that denies us relationships.
Even in the midst of relationships the Orphan spirit has a way of rearing its ugly head.
We are going to explore why Relationship fails in the next instalments.
We will be mainly exploring them based on Genesis 1.
The full understanding of Genesis 1 is sufficient to become the beginning and the end of the bible.


Part 2 : 23 May 2014
Relationship Conference
Session 8

We shall recap for those who were not part of the Conference.
We have looked at the relationship of God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit.
We explored the relationship of the GodHead and its characteristics.
We came with one main discovery: The Trinity is a relationship of God The Father and the Son connected together by the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is the matchmaker.
We are all One Body because we all share One Spirit.
The Father and the Son share One Spirit.
John 10:30 I and the Father are One.
This means I and the Father are connected by One Spirit.
We have also seen a very interesting part in this relationship.
This relationship operates from a principle which we called the "Let Us" Principle.
We noticed that the Let Us principle is the foundation of Fruitfulness.
Genesis chapter 1 has many hidden principles.
There are Two Principles in Genesis.
The First Principle we see is "Let There Be"
God appears in the form of Power and Dominion speaking over the Earth "Let There Be!!!"
This is the greatest Power in the Universe!
There was no opposition and every creation was obeying the "Let There Be!" Power.
This Power was manifested in Prophet Moses as well as Prophet Elijah.
These Prophets had the creation listening to them.
This is Power, Dominion and Subduing gift which was later in the chapter given to mankind.
They were given this amazing power for only one purpose:
To continue with the Creation where The Father left and rested from His works.
Angels were not given the right to create.
Though they had gifts of Power as well.
This Let There Be Power was reserved for Sons.
For only Sons are Authorized to take from where the Father left.
Angels were also given Power.
But the Power they had could not Create!
Satan has Power! But he cannot Create!
There is a difference between the Power of Servant and Power of Son.
The Power of Servant only operates at the instruction of the Son.
The Power of Angels only operate at the instruction of the Son.
Angels do nothing unless the Sons give instruction.
Poverty will not move at the instruction of Satan but it will move at the instruction of the Son.
If Satan wants Poverty to come to you he can only instruct Poverty to wait at your door until you tell poverty to enter in your house.
The Power of Goodness and Mercy will never move until instructed by the Son.
So all angels are waiting for the instruction of the Son whether Good or Bad!
When I speak of the Son here I mean you.
Therefore the Let There Be Power is only given to the Sons.
Let me repeat this: All Angels have Power and Great Power but can only move when we Command them.
When I say: "I am not gonna make it!" You have just given an instruction to a Demon of Delay to work in your space.
When you say: I think I am sick you have just activated the angel of sickness to move in your space.
Now the creation is waiting for the Sons of God to Manifest with the "Let There Be!" Power.
I want to repeat something: The Power or Sons is Fruitful but the Power of Angels is not fruitful.
The angels do not have the Power to Relate!!!!!
The angels do not have the Oneness Power!!!!
The angels do not have a Relationship substance inside them.
That is why they do not marry.
Now this is very critical!
It is possible for us to assume the angelic/servant power.
Before I go to the "Let Us!" Power I want to be sure that you understand the "Let There Be!" Power.
I have in this instalment shown you the Difference between the Power of the Son and the Power of the Servant.
I have shown you the Power of Man and the Power of an Angel.
Man as Son has been given the Authority to say "Let There Be!"
The Angels have the Power but only wait for Man to give Command. Whether this man is a witch or saint.
Man carries this amazing power.
We will therefore look in the next instalment what makes Power to be Fruitful.
At this moment you will agree with me that Africa is full of Power but we remain poor.
Africa is full of miracles and minerals but it is getting worse!
Though we have power; we have taken the angelic power. We only move with and instruction from the Son from The West!
The Son in England gives a Command and the Servant in Nigeria runs and shows the power.
The Son in America gives a Command and the Servant in Africa moves with Power.
The Son in France gives a Command and the Servant in Mali and Ivory Coast obeys with Power!
We will look in the next instalment how to make this Power Fruitful.


Sort out your father issues and get healed

Relationships:Session 7
16 May 2014
Amen it is still early in the year.
We laugh and smile together and that is wonderful.
We thank God for these developments.
But for those who are my age know the truth beyond this.
I don't want to fool you relationships are the biggest spiritual challenge I have ever met.
They are also the biggest area of pretence you will ever see in the world.
We have lied about relationships more than any lie we have ever spoken.
We have lied to relationships more than our work places or churches.
Its a very sensitive ground and a very fertile ground.
Satan knows this and that is why he spends more time in a relationship than in church.
Relationships are fertile for any form of multiplication.
They are the place where more crimes are committed than in any other place.
We rejoice at their beginning but relationships have killed more people than any war that we have seen in this world.
Crimes of passion are the worst of the crimes this world has ever seen.
Relationships have caused more patients in hospitals than any other sickness known to man.
Most patients in psychiatric hospitals are there because of a relationship.
It is not much of what people have done to us in these relationships but it is how we understood a relationship.
It is what we expected from a relationship.
As a result people who wanted to be close to God always thought staying away from people is the holiest concept.
We have more scars today in our souls from relationships than from any other activity.
Sonship has come to restore these broken souls.
We have come here to heal from these wounds.
Getting a new relationship will never heal us from past hurts of relationships.
Getting your father relationship will be the first step of alignment in your life of relationship.
While I rejoice with you get ready to receive baggage as much as you give baggage into a relationship.
You need a big heart in a relationship and not a big head.
You need to read more of the bible than you watch soapies.
You need to hear more of your father's voice than you hear from your friend.
Your relationship with your friend will never make your relationship at home better. Your relationship with your true spiritual father will make that relationship better.
Let's not lie to one another we are on social media today because we need some love.
This is the biggest need in the heart of mankind.
The more you get "like" in your facebook page the more you think you will feel better.
No matter how many "likes" you get from your facebook page they aint going to father you.
Some people are already planning to change the "likes" into the "loves".
Nothing will get better!
Sort out your father issues and get healed.
Don't say: " Hey six are gone and I have remained behind! That is Orphan Spirit talking there!
Wake up and align yourself with your father.
Since I started sonship I have been dealing with daughters who want to jump into the relationship pot while in the same hour I am counseling one who wants to jump out of the same pot!
I have probably worked on this part than any part in fathering!
Can you imagine how stretched my mind is in this subject?
This side I am planning with my son : "How are you going in this pot son?"
The other side I am planning with my daughter: " So how do you suggest that you will jump off this pot baby girl?"
Enough scizzophrenia!!!!
Help me with the spelling even that word seems schizophrenic ok that looks like the right spelling.
Let's do the sonship do ok? Let's stick to the father son relationship.
This is where love will pour in us so that we pour to the world.


Relationships: Session 5 15 May 2014
Praise God. When you are about to multiply and become fruitful you prepare relationships.
When you are about to have dominion and subdue you first sort out relationships.
Before God told man to multiply and become fruitful He first sorted out relationship.
God is Love. God is Relationship.
If you are in His Image and Likeness it is in the area of Relationship.
The definition of Relationship is not unity but Oneness.
One Spirit.
One Lord.
One Baptism.
One Image
One Likeness.
Jesus the Son saw Himself in the Father.
The Father saw Himself in the Son.
The day you see yourself in the other then you are Relationship.
The day you see yourself in your husband you are Relationship.
The day you see yourself in your wife you are Relationship.
But you must first see yourself in your father.
To relate with the other is to see yourself in the other.
You need to rise to a point where you see yourself in everyone.
This is Love!
Satan wants you to see what is wrong with your sister.
You write a list of what is wrong with your husband.
There is nothing spiritual in that journey!
You are an Accuser's agent and that does not make you Holy.
Jesus saw Himself even in a prostitute.
He was sent to the world to go see Himself in all of us!
Glory be to the Most High!
Who are you to see devil in others? Unless it is the devil in you seeing devil in others.
God in you desires to see Himself in others.
The devil in you is the only one who see the devil in others.
It takes a thief to catch a thief!
A group of adulterers came to Jesus to report a woman caught in the act of adultery!
Jesus said he who has no sin must be the first to throw the stone.
Jesus was looking at the Holy Woman of God waiting for her name to be called!
If you say your husband is a flirt the flirt is born!
If you say your wife is stubborn a stubborn woman is born!
Devil in us is waiting for his name to be called!
If you have a gift of calling out the devil in others you will meet the devil all the time.
If you say men are dogs the dogs will forever visit you because they are waiting for their names to be called.
Heavens is a place where the Father sees Himself in the Son!
Hell is the place where devil sees himself in another person.
I want you to see yourself in the one who is crucifying you today.
Jesus saw Himself (His Image) in those who crucified Him.
If you are One Body of Christ then you will see yourself in your sister for you are one body.
Now this is the Power behind the Trinity Godhead.
I and the Father are One I see Myself in My Father.
You are matured when you hear God in everyone.
Even a witch when she visit you God will speak!
Even a donkey when it visits you God will speak!
God I pray to see you in all people and hear You in all people.
Let those who are sent to curse me bless me.
Let every evil that my haters use against me turn into a wonderful miracle.
Let all things work together for good in me.
Let me say it is All in God.
I am One with my brother.
I see myself in everyone.
I see God in everyone.


Thursday, May 22, 2014


Relationships: Session 4
14 May 2014

I am the Relationship and therefore I Relate without struggle.
I am a product of a Relational Godhead and even physically I came through relationship of my father and my mother.
I am comfortable to use the LET US code because the first time this code was uttered it released me from the unseen to the seen.
The LET US has provided FRUITFULNESS in my life.
The LET THERE BE has provided DOMINION in my life.
But I know that the LET THERE BE shall never bring my possessions unless I tap into the LET US that will first bring the Father and Son Relationship connected by One Spirit.
I therefore need to have LET US vocabulary in my lips as son.
I am ready to use it with my Father then with my Brothers and Sisters and when I have gotten used to it I will go use it outside.
This code of LET US brings people to a place of Successful Relationships.
The works of the flesh are a sign of Failing relationship but the fruit of the Spirit is a sign of Successful Relationships.
Spirituality is Relational and not Competitive.
You can't use the I Am principle for competitive agenda in exclusion of the LET US principle.
Many have used spirituality as a divisive tool yet our foundation is LET US.
The Father Son relationship is the beginning and if you fail the LET US principle in this sonship structure you will not succeed with the LET US principle in Marriage and Ministry.
The Apostolic and Prophetic Community is a LET US community.
The competitive orphan structures are more attracted to LET THERE BE world without embracing the LET US environment first.
Gifted people become swallowed in LET THERE BE world but Charactered Sons begin at the LET US fountain.
I and the Father are One. John 10:30.
This is the Trinity. I (Jesus the Son) and the Father (God the Father) are One (connected by the Spirit).
How do I become One with my Father? How do I become One with my Brother or Sister?
What does it mean to be Relational?
When the Father say to the Son LET US; the Spirit says it to them at the same time!
In the family setup we say one has thought it and the other said it.
It is not consultation; it is Oneness at work where you both receive the same word without one saying it to the other.
God the Father did not consult the Son and the Holy Ghost and waited for the answer!
This is not democracy at work but Oneness of the Godhead whose identity is Relationship.
Exodus 19:3 Moses went up the mountain to God, and the LORD called to him from the mountain
God has called Moses to many a mountain for a meeting.
When God wants to meet me He goes to stand in the Mountain called My Father.
When I have a problem with my father I fail to meet God.
Then God calls me to another mountain called My Wife.
If I am angry at my wife I will not meet God.
Then God calls me to a Mountain called My Husband.
If I only hear God from a Mountain called My Pastor I will fail to meet God that day.
Then God calls me to a Mountain called My Brother.
If I am the person who understand the LET US code of Oneness I will meet God in these Mountains and hear Him.
Today we all want to go to the Mountain of LET THERE BE! And see miracles without relating.
Today we all want to go to the mountain of LET THERE BE so that the pastor will turn water into wine and two loaves of bread into 5000 loaves!
We want to Go to LET THERE BE mountain just to get the anointing oil that will give us jobs and businesses.
From this end we shall not meet God but we shall meet the things of God.
When I am relational I go to meet God in every person I meet.
I believe you can meet God in your wife and your husband.
I believe you can meet God in your brother and sister.
But you can't meet God in your husband when you expect the Devil from him.
We have all been programmed to expect satan to show up from everyone we meet.
We are always ready to tell people about the devil in them.
Soul winning is the expectation to meet God in a sinner.
The funny thing is that we God's people see the devil in everyone.
Jesus was sent to this earth TO MEET HIMSELF in everyone He met.
If Jesus had to return us to His Image and Likeness then He was sent TO MEET HIMSELF in us.
When we have the Fruit of the Spirit we meet God in everyone we come across.
When we have the works of the flesh we RESURRECT DEVIL IN EVERYONE we meet.
Go home and resurrect Jesus in your husband.
Go to work and resurrect Jesus in your colleague.
Go to church and see God in all those you fellowship with.
I am ready to see God in everyone in this house.
I am ready to hear God speak to me from all of you.
In all this I know that the oil flows from the head to the toes.
Therefore I will hear God first in the father son relationship.
When that relationship overflows then I will descend to the earth and see God in everyone I relate with.
I am the Relationship.
I am the LET US code.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


RelationshipSession 3
14 May 2014

I want to talk about the Image and the Likeness of God today.
Amen praise God.
I am sorry I went offline
Genesis 1 reveals a very deep secret about our identity.
When God manifested the creation He kept on saying LET THERE BE.
And the things were.
But when He comes to bring us to this earth He says LET US. Now that's Relationship talking.
We were brought to this realm through a Relationship in heaven of the Father The Son and The Holy Ghost.
The Relationship of the Trinity said LET US!
I want us to explore the LET US code.
This is the code that was pressed for US to manifest.
This means we are the LET US people.
We are the LET US Creation. 

We are not the LET THERE BE Creation.
I want you to stay with me here.
This is the code that brings Divine Presence of the Godhead!
When Sons are Ruling the Earth they say LET THERE BE! But whenever they meet they say LET US!
You need to know where to say LET US and where to say LET THERE BE!
You will never receive the Power of Let There Be unless you are Positioned in the Mind and Relationship of LET US!
Husband and Wife there shall be no progress in your house when you command the LET THERE BE to your possessions unless you know the secret of LET US!
LET THERE BE is Dominion it is Power!
LET US is Fruitfulness it is Character!
LET THERE BE is Giftedness and Skill!
LET US is Divine Presence of His Glory in Fruitfulness and Character.
You can't just arrive among other gods and Sons and say LET THERE BE!
When the gods and Sons meet they say LET US! That's the source of Power!
This is Relationship!
I Am that I Am!
That is the second code.
The First Code is LET US!
The Second Code is I AM THAT I AM!

God did not say I DO THAT I DO
He said I AM THAT I AM.
It is not what you do it is what you are!
You don't say I DO therefore I AM!
You say I AM therefore I DO.
When you say LET US you say I AM! You recognize who you are.
We are Relationship before we Do Relationship.
People want to first Do Relationship without BECOMING the I AM relationship.
We live in a community where everyone want to be heard.
But you can't be heard if you came with the Agenda of LET THERE BE!
Politicians come and behave as though they say LET US when they say LET THERE BE!
We will not win with Power Play and Secret Agenda of Let There Be when we come camouflaged with the Words LET US.
When last did you say LET US when you knew that you really meant it?
Can you write a list of the LET US assignments that you know that they are true?
There are very few people on earth today that you can say LET US in full trust.
There are few Businesses today that can truly say LET US with no betrayal.
Today before you divulge the word LET US you need to sign an NCNDA and MOU so that no one will go behind you!
I hope someone is listening today.
Churches are locked in LET THERE BE theology because everybody wants power!
Yet the Apostolic Relational Community say LET US.
True Father and Son who are led by the Spirit can come together and say LET US.
This is a language used in a Successful relationship.
I and the Father are One.
This Home will be a True Sonship home if the Father will say to the Son LET US in Spirit and in Oneness.
When Jesus say I and my Father are One you will ask what about the Spirit Jesus?
When He said so He meant that the Father and the Son are made One by the Spirit.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Relationship and Giftedness

Relationships: Session 2
13 May 2014

Sonship is the cornerstone of healthy relationships and the orphan spirit is the plan satan has for the mankind.

From the garden of Eden there are only two foundations of Relationship; you are either in God's sonship plan or in satan's orphan society plan.
You are either Relational from God's plan or you are a Relationship Failure from Satan's design.
Genesis 3:1 says the serpent is the the more crafty/ subtil/ shrewdest/cunning that ANY BEAST of the field the Lord has made.
This means when satan is incarnated in any being he comes out in a very clever presentation that a man can get.
Satan has used the Orphan Culture and presented it as the most heroic and the most spiritual of lives.
Today when people want to be "more spiritual" they withdraw from relationships.
God has shown that the more spiritual way is the Relational way.
He says let Us make Man in Our Image.
The making of man comes from a Relationship.
Man comes from a Relational Image.
The Image of God is Love and Love is a Successful Relationship.
We are made from a Perfect Relationship. That is our image.
When we make Gifts and Performances our Image we move from Relationship to Competition.
The world has been taught Competition rather than Relationship.
We were taught terms like Healthy Competition without knowing that those are the eggs of Orphan Culture.
Our Churches are in Competition than in Relationship and therefore do not form part to the Body of Christ.
The Body of Christ is a Perfect Body its either you are In the Body or out of the Body.
We have brought Competition to families and families turned into business.
We brought Competition into Churches and churches turned into business.
There is nothing like Healthy Competition.
We can either display the Glory of God or the glory of flesh.
The Glory of God is in Relationship and the glory of flesh is in competition.
I can't use my gift to take members from other churches and say that is the Glory of God.
Poaching is Competitive and not Relational.
I have come to be a cancer in the Body of Christ than a cure.
It has come to be a cancer in the Body than a cure.
The dictionary explains a virus as 'life that grows outside a structure (relationship)"
It becomes life that destroys a structured life.
When your giftedness destroys churches it is a sign that your gift is not structured in relationship.
It is fornication and adultery in the spirit.
I use my gift to destroy the christian community and that is the glory of flesh.
I can't rejoice in making children orphans through my gift.
I can't rejoice in destroying families through my gift.
All playboys are gifted and charming.
They either charm with money, good looks or anointing.
But the bottom line is that they are all players.
Do not allow the cunning serpent to turn your gift into a tool of fornication and adultery in the Body of Christ.
Let me get feedback
I want you to take this lesson and discuss even on your own groups.
Take it to your life at home and at work even in church
Tell me what is your step from here
We all need to remember our servanthood assignment but keep our sonship identity.

Monday, May 19, 2014

I am the Relationship


Good Morning
We are not called to BE IN relationships.
We are not called to DO Relationship.
I Am Relationship.
I Am Love.
God is Love 1 John 4:8
I and the Father are One John 10:30
John is a Relationship Apostle.
Sonship is Relationship.
Sonship is not performance.
Sonship is relationship.
Some of you are caught in performance.
They think that makes them sons.
All walk of the Spirit is judged on relationship.
The works of the flesh are a failed relationship.
Galatians 5:19
Let's list the works of the flesh.
Fornication is a failed Relationship.
Adultery is a failed Relationship.
Jealousy is a failed Relationship.
Envy is a failed Relationship.
Division or strife is a failed Relationship.
Idolatory is a failed Relationship.
Lust is a failed Relationship.
Outburst of anger is a failed Relationship.
Hostility is a failed Relationship.
Quarrelling is a failed Relationship.
Sorcery is a failed Relationship.
All the works of flesh are a failed relationship.
Galatians 5:22
The fruit of the Spirit is a successful relationship
Love is a successful relationship
Joy is a successful relationship
Peace is a successful relationship
Patience is a successful relationship
Kindness is a successful relationship
Goodness is a successful relationship
Faithfulness is a successful relationship
Gentleness is a successful relationship
Self control is a successful relationship
That's what sonship is about.
Sonship is a successful relationship
Fruit of the Spirit is is a successful relationship
Prophecy is not relationship it is a gift.
Healing is not relationship it is a gift
Tounges is not relationship it is a gift
Now I get surprised by sons who suddenly when the get a gift they think they are in a good relationship.
Some of them when they become too gifted they stay away from me and they think they are in a good relationship.
We shall be judged by relationship and not by gift.
I may not speak to you again and hear well and tell even those who have qualified to a point of not having time for this food.
We are Relationships.
Now fathers are the spring of relationship.
Your Relationship identity is tested in your sonship.
You are son of God to the extent that you are son of Man.
Gifts are not relationship.
Servants get gifts as well.
That does not make them to be closely related to the Master
That does not make them sons.
I have seen gifted people terribly failing in relationships.
Now I see some of you are beginning to be in honeymoon with gifts and skill and they fail the sonship relationship.
The sons who are closer to me know what is happening in my life in south sudan and what God is doing in my life but I keep my relationship with them.
Now I see sons with a liiiiitle success and they stay away from me.
When they hear the big things they suddenly come running back to me.
I will stick to my sons no matter what gifts the Lord showers in this house.
I am the father according to the order of Joseph.
I am the father according to the order of Manoah.
I father character and I let gifts to be mentored.
Joseph was fathering the character of Jesus and not the gift.
He knew that Jesus is far gifted than him but he was appointed to father character.
Jesus did not say my gift is too much you don't qualify to father me only God can.
He knew that it is character/soul that is watched over not gift.
Well Samson missed this truth!
Samson figured it like Manoah does not qualify to "father the Gift" in him.
Character is what we father but gifts are mentored.
My son has the highest gift of drawing and I can't father it. I father his character but I allow mentors and teachers to develop his gift and skill.