Monday, May 19, 2014

I am the Relationship


Good Morning
We are not called to BE IN relationships.
We are not called to DO Relationship.
I Am Relationship.
I Am Love.
God is Love 1 John 4:8
I and the Father are One John 10:30
John is a Relationship Apostle.
Sonship is Relationship.
Sonship is not performance.
Sonship is relationship.
Some of you are caught in performance.
They think that makes them sons.
All walk of the Spirit is judged on relationship.
The works of the flesh are a failed relationship.
Galatians 5:19
Let's list the works of the flesh.
Fornication is a failed Relationship.
Adultery is a failed Relationship.
Jealousy is a failed Relationship.
Envy is a failed Relationship.
Division or strife is a failed Relationship.
Idolatory is a failed Relationship.
Lust is a failed Relationship.
Outburst of anger is a failed Relationship.
Hostility is a failed Relationship.
Quarrelling is a failed Relationship.
Sorcery is a failed Relationship.
All the works of flesh are a failed relationship.
Galatians 5:22
The fruit of the Spirit is a successful relationship
Love is a successful relationship
Joy is a successful relationship
Peace is a successful relationship
Patience is a successful relationship
Kindness is a successful relationship
Goodness is a successful relationship
Faithfulness is a successful relationship
Gentleness is a successful relationship
Self control is a successful relationship
That's what sonship is about.
Sonship is a successful relationship
Fruit of the Spirit is is a successful relationship
Prophecy is not relationship it is a gift.
Healing is not relationship it is a gift
Tounges is not relationship it is a gift
Now I get surprised by sons who suddenly when the get a gift they think they are in a good relationship.
Some of them when they become too gifted they stay away from me and they think they are in a good relationship.
We shall be judged by relationship and not by gift.
I may not speak to you again and hear well and tell even those who have qualified to a point of not having time for this food.
We are Relationships.
Now fathers are the spring of relationship.
Your Relationship identity is tested in your sonship.
You are son of God to the extent that you are son of Man.
Gifts are not relationship.
Servants get gifts as well.
That does not make them to be closely related to the Master
That does not make them sons.
I have seen gifted people terribly failing in relationships.
Now I see some of you are beginning to be in honeymoon with gifts and skill and they fail the sonship relationship.
The sons who are closer to me know what is happening in my life in south sudan and what God is doing in my life but I keep my relationship with them.
Now I see sons with a liiiiitle success and they stay away from me.
When they hear the big things they suddenly come running back to me.
I will stick to my sons no matter what gifts the Lord showers in this house.
I am the father according to the order of Joseph.
I am the father according to the order of Manoah.
I father character and I let gifts to be mentored.
Joseph was fathering the character of Jesus and not the gift.
He knew that Jesus is far gifted than him but he was appointed to father character.
Jesus did not say my gift is too much you don't qualify to father me only God can.
He knew that it is character/soul that is watched over not gift.
Well Samson missed this truth!
Samson figured it like Manoah does not qualify to "father the Gift" in him.
Character is what we father but gifts are mentored.
My son has the highest gift of drawing and I can't father it. I father his character but I allow mentors and teachers to develop his gift and skill.

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  1. Amen dad....Character is fathered. people fail in relationships because they are deceived by their gifts.