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RELATIONSHIP UPGRADE - UNEDITED NOTES (just had to store them published because of a special request- will be edited later)

4 August 2014

Good morning. The Lord will take our relationships to the next level this week. Promotions from the Father begin with promotions of relationships.Which relationship do you want to see improve in your life? Go and design that improvement in your father son relationship.For my relationships to be upgraded this week I need to come closer to my spiritual father. As I do his major responsibility is to improve my relationship with my heavenly Father.It is also my responsibility to see that your relationship with the Heavenly Father is improved. This is the Key. Upgrade of relationships this week is an upgrade to our lives.The first downgrade plan satan has for you this week is to annoy you and make you get offended. We are incapable to relate. Only the Holy Spirit in us is capable of loving.Do not try to relate on your own its a waste of time. Your own relationship will be taken advantage of. But when you do it God's way all adds up well.Its monday; my work colleagues are after me and then what do I do? They are poking me to be annoyed. They want me to give a wrong answer. What do I do? I go to whatsapp and perfect my relationship with my dad and siblings. As that relationship is perfected the Holy Spirit takes that aroma to my work place. Suddenly that fly in the ear begins to be a sweet Melody. Now this is what satan will do; he will spoil my relationship with my dad and siblings.

QUESTION XXXXXXXXXX:Dad where do u think my relationship with u needs improvement, i know it does, but WHERE?

ANSWERPROPHET VANTO:Good question XXXX .The reason why I relate with you is because I have an assignment.This assignment is to watch over your soul so that your relationship with the Heavenly Father is in place.I do this by giving you the Daily Bread.This bread is for you to eat. It is for you to wear. Now as long as you eat this bread correctly and willingly this is the relationship. The relationship between father and son breaks when the son wants to eat in his own way and at his own time. Like now as I feed you this bread I don't know why but the Spirit knows why. When you eat this bread the Aroma of Love from the Holy Ghost develops in you to be able to face a specific situation at work and at home. Now sons have to make sure that this bread is always on the table. They have to make sure that all obstacles that stand in front of this bread arriving at the table are removed.For as long as we have bread to eat daily from our fathers; that is sufficient. The rest will grow within us. Our efforts do not work. I tried mine they failed me terribly. I don't know about you. The only way to improve my relationship with my dad is to eat from his table. I also make sure that the food coming to this table is not obstructed. That's all. I hope this will answer the question in broad terms.

XXXXXXXX : No im not answered. Fully

PROPHET VANTO: XXXXX you can rephrase your question and we will see what parts of the question are outstanding.Remember we don't claim to be having all the answers but we will give what the Spirit enables us to have in the moment.

QUESTION XXXXXXXX : *i feel like there shud be more*When u feed us its usually the whole house in a group. But how do i maintain a personal relationship with my father (outside the groups/houses). "Our efforts do not work." I dnt understand this part too. "When you eat this bread the Aroma of Love from the Holy Ghost develops in you to be able to face a specific situation at work and at home." So all i hv to do is to get word from father then im sorted? Is this the only way to relate to father?

ANSWERPROPHET VANTO: Ok I will answer your question XXXXX. Any normal family has a table where all family meets to dine. I have gone in detail in the second chapter of the relatiomship conference on this matter. I said there "we are the relationship only when we see ourself in others." The Father sees himself in the son and the son sees himself in the father. The brother sees himself in the sister and vice versa. This is Oneness and not unity. We grow to one another as the body that feeds from the same mouth. The father may be the head but my brother is another finger while i am another finger. Oneness is the growth of all cells in the body during pregnancy. They all feed from one mouth.No member of the body can wish to relate with the head apart from another member.  Now when I am a finger developing in this body i can only grow next to the other finger and not at the nose simply because I need to relate with the head(father). If thats the case one finger will grow in the head and another in the shoulderWe all feed from the same mouth which is the table but nutrients are taken from the small intestines to different parts as those parts will need them. My teeth will need more calcium while my eyes may need more vitamin D. By this the Body of Family, clan, tribe, nation will grow.

Our efforts don't work. I want to repeat that as well.This is very key. The growth of this finger in the body depend on the nutrients shared by the whole body.Malnutrition is a man made thing when we starve one part of the body, when we do not carry a balanced diet.Ephesians 4 is about growing to "Perfect Man"This is part of the lesson I wanted to begin of the Son Material. This lesson I found that many are not ready for it and I have to stop a little bit. The biggest lie in a spiritual reality is the word called "I". Spiritual reality comes alive when we die to the I- factor. I is not able to relate. When you allow I to die relationship begins.You are just a finger in the body. The whole body is the only one that qualifies to be "I". You are blown by the Wind of the Spirit and you float in the Waters of the Spirit in this Body of Oneness. What this Body Eats will command you on how to grow and where to grow in the Body. Sickness in the Body occurs when the members of the Body refuse to relate well. The eyes may do their job fully but they do not qualify to criticize the failing legs.No matter how perfect the eyes have seen they need the legs to carry them there. We love spooky relationships.Where a finger will jump from one body to the other. Relationship is BODY. That is all. The teeth need calcium together with the bones. They need to get this calcium from how they relate with the small intestines. The small intestines are sending nutrients already broken down for their consumption. The teeth have very little to do when they define themselves out of the Body. It is in this way we need to ùnderstand ourselves in a relationship. We are all members of one Body with one Mind and One Spirit. We are all vulnerable to what the Mouth eats and what the Mind thínks.

This is relationship. In the process of growth we are tossed to and fro in an orderly manner within the Body. Not outside the body where bacteria, virus and fungi is waiting to relate with us. Relationship comes when I say: It is no longer I who lives. We have been collected as dead bones that lived independently of each other. We obeyed the Word of the Prophet that commanded us to come together.Now that we are ALIVE does not make us alive outside the Body. We are only alive as one Body. Alive to Christ.In Mount Zion there is a multitude of angels but 0NE FIRST BORN SONYou are not one of many sons in Zion.You are part of the One Son.Now Relationship has to be understood differently and not from a three dimensional realm.I tried to understand my relationship with my wife  but it has never workedI think you have noticed that I have always left out how I relate with my wife as a story to tell to all of you.I have never come to you and said "this is how i relate to my wife".The reason why I left that part is because I wanted to first build this sonship body to a level where we all have the same definition of what a relationship is.

Until today we have not yet come to the same definition.By this definition of explaining relationship as the Body I have come very close to what you need to be knowing about relationship.We all come from the teaching that says relationship comes from FREE WILL. This teaching has messed up many of the essential elements that make up a relationship. If relationship has been made up by all FREE WILL elements you need to look where it has taken you today.In spiritual terms RELATIONSHIP IS PRINCIPLE. Samson had to keep PRINCIPLE or relationship before FREE WILL. His free will wanted Delilah and that was against ANOINTING PRINCIPLE.Principle said; NO WINE IN YOUR MOUTH. Principle said: NO BLADE IN YOUR HAIR. Principle said: NO FOREIGN WOMEN.Therefore Relationship has to first obey PRINCIPLE and not FREE WILL.Free will of a sick soul is not free will.In the Hebrew Relationships it was Principle First then Romance later.From principle Jacob had to obey the instruction to ONLY MARRY Laban's daughters because He also married Laban's sister. Whatever blessing Isaac gave to Jacob was not going to be fulfilled outside the Relationships blessed by the father. Your prophecies will never be fulfilled outside the associations of the Anointing Principle. Ask Samson with his free will.If my heart had a free will from my liver i would be dead now. But they all had to obey the Principle of One Body first before they exercise their individual gifts within the body. You will never understand Sonship outside these matters.Relationship is kept together by OBEDIENCE TO PRINCIPLE. Not by free will.I think I will have to stop here for this part to be edited. Jesus said If you love me KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS.Relationship is OBEDIENCE and not FEELINGS. Love is OBEDIENCE.Not feeling.

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